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In each education level there are system that followed. This can be as the general principle to everyone in a particular level by means that, in Tanzania there are nursery, primary, secondary, and colleges & university system, in each of that system there are general principle but there are some general principle are the same for example in primary and secondary even nursery can use the same but some principles are change due to level of education:

This article shared to you, to know some of those general principle that used for those colleges and universities student. We will deal with those main principle that as the normal thing to student. But this article will help also new student of college and university. Will help to know something that will happen or will meet with it when she/he in college and university area au authority

In college and university there are some principle that followed by both student. But it just as the normal words but we call it as the principle because it never be change otherwise there amendment. Those words or principle comment used and happen to student like Supplementary (sup), repeat module(s), discontinues (disco), carry, and incomplete. So will tell more about those some word used.



In simplest word called SUP, this are the penalty that occurred after the a student make a foul on examination, what does it mean, a student make a foul means that student needed to pass by getting 50mark or above, so the foul occur when the student get below of 50 pass marks. So supplementary (sup) can occur in only one way is by getting below of 50marks that is pass-marks. You can’t get supplementary by any other way.

You can getting a 1, 2, and 3 supplementary but depend totally module ion each semester but you can’t get all module sup that will be another issue

NOTE: “Supplementary can occur in one way that is by getting below of 50 marks, no any other way of getting supplementary”



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Another thing is this repeat module, this can say that something like the missing of penalty that you give after getting in the supplementary, hahaha it hard to know but known that the 2 ways of getting repeat module

Way that can get repeat modules

  1. 1.      REAPET MOUDLE occur after fail again to get 50 marks or above in supplementary examinations.

Means after getting supplementary you will do examination that we call it (supplementary examination), so if you fail to gain, by fail to get 50marks or above. That thing occur we call it REAPATE MODULE, THIS WAY of get ret module is after fail supplementary.

You can get repeat module of 1, 2 or 3 modules but depend of totally modules that needed to cover in the particular level and semester.


  1. 2     Another way that can get repeat module is by fail half module of totally modules that you study less of half will be supplementary.

By means that for example, in CMT LEVEL 4 SEMIISTER there are 6modules that should be covered. So the student if will fail 3modules will get repeat module but if general GPA will be 2.0 or above of it


So this way depend on GPA, but if the student fail two module will be supplementary. but if the student get below half or totally modules in semester and the GPA is below of 2.0 will get another issue that will be DISCO

But this used only in colleges, there is no repeat module in university nowadays


  1. 1.      Failure of half of total module in particular semester and GPA is 2.0 or above that will be REPAET MODULE
  2. 2.      Failure half of total modules in particular semester but GPA is below 2,0 that will not be repeat module but DISCONTIOUNES



This is used in university only. But the same in the issue of repeat module in colleges. But in university the student continues in next year



Not a sound that heard at the pub or bar and people dance not that kind of disco: disco that talking here is used in college and university that any student can get and dance with it hahaha. This occur in both college and university. Do you know how a person can get it below are two way that a student can get disco

  1. 1.      Failure of all modules
  2. 2.      Getting Below Of GPA 2.0
  3. 3.      Failure to follow principle and regulations of college or university
  4. 4.      Fail again after repeat module


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