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During The End Of Semister Examinations, A Particular College Provide A Names That Are ELIGIBLE And Some Being Not ELIGIBLE By Simplest Meaning Are Those Who Can Do End Of Semester Examination And Those Who Can’t Do End Of Semister Examination. According To Google The Word “ELIGIBLE” And “Not ELIGIBLE” Means

ELIGIBLE” Means “Having The Right To Do Or Obtain Something; Satisfying The Appropriate Conditions”


So Here Are Those Student’s Regulations That Have A Right To Do End Of Semester Examinations. So For Any Medical Student Can Check And Review It Before To The End Of Semester Examinations. This Will Help To Miss Some Examination During The Examination’s Periods. Also Help To Solve Early Those Difficult Issue That May Lead You To Miss Of Examination Of Some Modules. So those regulations are:-


Eligibility to enter semester II

The candidate shall be allowed to enter semester II after obtaining a GPA of 2.0 or above and passed 50% of the examined modules. A candidate who has failed any component of the module during end semester examination will be allowed to continue with semester II and appear for supplementary examination three weeks after declaration of results.

Declaration of examination results

a.       The candidate shall be declared ‘pass’ after obtaining a minimum of 50% in each module for both written and practical/ clinical end of semester examinations with GPA of 2.0 or above

b.       A candidate shall be declared failed if he/she

i.                     Has GPA less than 2.0

ii.                   Has GPA of 2.0 or above but failed either written or clinical/practical examination of any module

c.       The results of candidate shall be declare incomplete if she/he did not attempt some of the required module examinations at the end of semester

d.       A candidate shall be allowed to supplement end of semester examination if her/his semester GPA is 2.0 or above and has passed at least 50% of total modules in the Semester.

e.       A candidate who failed written or clinical/practical examination in a module shall supplement both written and clinical/practical examination

f.        A candidate who failed written or clinical/practical examination shall do supplementary examination six weeks after declaration of results

g.       A candidate who fails supplementary examinations shall repeat the failed module(s) when next offered.

h.       A candidate who fails a repeated module(s) shall be discontinued from studies

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