45+ Possible Questions Of Clinical Nutrition | Cmt Nta Level 4 (First Year)

 There are alot of possible questions that you can try to solve after finishing a certain module. By means that these are possible that can help a medical student to know how questions has been asked by lecture or tutor, these are online questions not downloadable you can screenshot to have and store In your device.


Below are lists of possible question of a particular module. Pass through it and solve for the better performance



1. What are the 10 steps for the inpatient management of severe acute malnutrition in

2. children?

3. How would you screen for risk of malnutrition to hospitalized patients?

4. What are the four major ways of assessing nutritional status?

5. Mention at least two limitations of each method

6. What are the major causes of obesity?

7. How is obesity classified?

8. If someone wants to change their lifestyle, what options could they consider?

9. Name at least one possible micronutrient disorders that can affect the following parts of  the body: Eye, Mouth, Skeleton and Part of neck

10. What are the preventive and control measure of anaemia?

11. What is likely to happen if a woman is having iodine deficiency at conception or during early pregnancy? How are you going to help this woman?

12. Outline the major differences between kwashiorkor and marasmus.

13. What is the most often ignored form of PEM?

14. What are the complications of kwashiorkor and marasmus?

15. What are some strategies for preventing PEM?

16. Outline the major differences between kwashiorkor and marasmus.

17. What is the most often ignored form of PEM?

18. What are the complications of kwashiorkor and marasmus?

19. What are some strategies for preventing PEM?

20. How do we classify malnutrition?

21. What are some common causes malnutrition in Tanzania?

22. How do you reduce inadequate intake in breastfeeding mothers?

23. List two classifications of nutrients

24. What are the major functions of carbohydrates and lipids?

25. What are the major functions of vitamins and minerals?

26. What is the difference between food, nutrients, and nutrition?

27. Mention the importance of good nutrition

28. Mention main types of food groups

29. What kinds of children with malnutrition are likely to be managed as outpatient?

30. What do you do in monitoring progress of malnourished children at OPD?

31. What areas can you integrate nutrition services in a health facility?

32. How can nutrition affect drug efficacy?

33. What are three metabolic complications of ART?

34. List the four methods of assessing nutritional status.

35. Why is nutrition assessment important?

36. List at least three common differential diagnoses for emergency signs.

37. Summarize the link between HIV and poor nutrition.

38. What are the important factors to be considered in a healthy lifestyle for HIV positive

39. people?

Does an adult man who is infected with HIV need the same energy as adult man who is not infected? Why or why not?

Why is breast milk a perfect food for babies?

What are some dangers of artificial feeding?

What should a mother do after birth to promote successful breastfeeding?

What nutritional advice would you give to a mother who has a sick 0-24 month old child?

What useful nutrition advice will you give to adolescent pregnant woman?

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