CMT 04103 Environmental Health

NTA Level 4 Semester 1

This article aim to give a modules sessios that should be covered in the period of semsister 1 for cmt nta level 4. the sessions are arranged according to the modules of august 2010.

Note: when you try to study make sure you pass through the assessment plan for the ntal level you study. This make easy to study and avoiding to study out of syllabus.


Module Sessions

Session 1: Introduction to Environmental Health

Session 2: Water Supply and Water Contamination

Session 3: Safety of Water for Human Consumption

Session 4: Water Storage and Purification

Session 5: Excreta Disposal in Rural Settings  

Session 6: Methods of Excreta Disposal in Urban Settings

Session 7: Solid Waste Management

Session 8: Housing  

Session 9: Food Microbiology  

Session 10: Food Hygiene

Session 10: Vector Control Methods

Session 12: Vector Control for Snails, Rodents and Fleas .

Session 13: Fundamentals of Infection Prevention Control (IPC)

Session 14: Contact Based Transmission Precautions, Hospital Waste and

Hazardous Materials

Session 15: Hospital Waste and Hazardous Material

Session 16: Antiseptic and Disinfectants

Session 17: Personal Prevention Equipment (PPE)

Session 18: Processing of Contaminated Instruments, Preparation of Skin,

Cervical and Vagina Prior to Surgical Procedures .

Session 19: Safe Handling of Sharps


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