CMT 06105 Surgical Specialities

NTA Level 6 Semester 1


This article aim to give a modules sessios that should be covered in the period of semsister 1 for cmt nta level 6. the sessions are arranged according to the modules of august 2010.

Note: when you try to study make sure you pass through the assessment plan for the ntal level you study. This make easy to study and avoiding to study out of syllabus.


Module Sessions

Session 1: Basic Anatomy of the Eye  

Session 2: Ophthalmology History Taking and Examination ..

Session 3: Acute Red Eye

Session 4: Eye Trauma and Other Eye Problems

Session 5: Refractive Error and Blindness

Session 6: Conjunctivitis Trachoma and Community Eye Care

Session 7: Overview of Oral Anatomy

Session 8: Dental Caries  

Session 9: Dental Abscesses  

Session 10: Traumatic Dental Injuries and Hemorrhage Control in Dental Practices

Session 11: Periodontal Diseases

Session 12: Local Anaesthesia and Pain Control

Session 13: Simple Tooth Extraction  

Session 14: Basic Anatomy of the Ear, Nose and Throat

Session 15: Cerumen Impaction and Hearing Loss

Session 16: Ear Infections

Session 17: Choanal Atresia and Epistaxis

Session 18: RhinitiS


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