Bank Of Questions Of Care Of Woman During Antenatal Period | Nursing Level 5

1.       Anthonia is a shy, 17-year-old young woman who has come to your clinic complaining that she has not had her period for four months. She works in a paint factory and has been there for 11 months now. She lives at home with her parents, five brothers and sisters, two cousins and an elderly grandmother.

                i.     How will you make this shy young woman comfortable in your clinic? 

               ii.     What questions do you want to ask her about her social situation, her family, her job, her symptoms (complaints or problems) and her plans for the future?

             iii.     What parts of her body do you want to examine today? 

               iv.     What particular things are you looking for? 

                v.     Do you need any laboratory investigations to get more information?

               vi.     Think about and write down the problems or needs you have learned 

             vii.     Look at the problems/needs you have written. How can you take care of these problems or needs?”   

            viii.     How are you going to evaluate Athonia? 



2.      After you have get the knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology of the female bony pelvis, respond to the following questions:

                i.     Explain the 4 types of pelvis

               ii.     Enumerate 8 landmarks of the pelvic brim

             iii.     Explain the diameters of the pelvic outlet


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