Bank Of Questions Of Rational Uses Of Medicine | Pharmacy Level 5

(1)What are the responsibility of pharmaceutical personnel in preventing drug/ medicine abuse?

(2)List theroles of pharmaceutical personnel in promoting rational use of medicines?

(3)What are the ethical issues in medicines marketing and promotion?

(4)List objectives of ethical issues in medicines marketing and promotion?

(5)List types of information available in medicinal marketing and promotion

(6)What are the role of Information in Medicines Marketing and promotion

(7)Define pharmaceutical marketing

(8)What are the Significances of uncontrolled Medicines marketing and promotion?

(9)List guiding principles to fight for  uncontrolled medicinal marketing and promotion

(10)        What are the advantages of using generic names or INN in medicines

(11)        What is the importance of STG’s

(12)        What are the relationship between Standard Treatment Guide and Essential Medicine List?

(13)        List factors hindering promotion of rational use of Medicine?

(14)        What are the promotional activities of pharmaceutical industries that hinder rational use of medicine

(15)        List five national interventions in promoting rational medicines use

(16)        What are the regulatory measures to support rational use of medicines

(17)        List  the importance of essential medicine list

(18)        What are Key factors for developing of an essential medicines list?

(19)        What are criteria for selection of essential medicines

(20)        Define essential medicines

(21)        List advantages of a limited list of essential medicines

(22)        How medicines and medical suppliers benefit from EML?

(23)        What are the control measures for irrational medicines use?

(24)        List responsibilities of drug authorities in promoting rational use of medicines.

(25)        What are the problems associated with irrational medicine usage?

(26)        What are manifestations which hinder patient confidence in health institutions?

(27)        What are the factors contributing to irrational use of medicines?

(28)        Outline five demands from the patient which can lead to irrational use of medicines

(29)        Define rational use of drug.

(30)        list characteristics of medical  prescription

(31)        What are the steps to improve rational drug prescribing?

(32)        What is irrational use of medicines

(33)        What are the types of irrational use of medicines?

(34)        List  reasons for irrational use of medicines to continue


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