Bank Of Questions Pharmaceutical Productions | Pharmacy Level 6

1.  What is validation of raw materials?

2.  What is the importance of testing raw materials?

3.  Who is responsible for validation of pharmaceutical raw materials?

4.  What is tablet coating?

5.  What is sugar coating?

6.  What is the difference between film coating and sugar coating?

7.  What is SOP?

8.  What is the importance of SOP in pharmaceutical production?

9.  Mention two types of SOPs?

10.          What is in-process quality control?

11.          How does in-process quality control differ from quality control?

12.          Lit the in-process quality control test performed during production of tablets and capsules

13.          What is an SOP?

14.          What is SOP of SOPs?

15.          Mention the components of an SOP of SOPs

16.          Who is responsible for preparing the SOP of SOPs in a pharmaceutical manufacturing company?

17.          What is a soft gelatin capsule?

18.          How do softgels differ from hard gelatin capsules?

19.          List ingredients used to make the soft gelatin shell

20.          What is the role of BRELA in establishing a pharmaceutical manufacturing company?

21.          How is TIC involved in investment in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in the country?

22.          What is the role of TMDA in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

23.          What is quality assurance?

24.          How does quality assurance differ from quality control?

25.          List documents commonly used in pharmaceutical production

26.          What is Good Documentation Practice?

27.          What is Master Formula Record?

28.          What is Site Master File?

29.          What is Batch Manufacturing Record?

30.          What are the advantages of powders over other dosage forms?

31.          What is an insufflator?

32.          What is levigation?

33.          Explain the process of pulverization by intervention

34.          What is packaging?

35.          What is the importance of packaging?

36.          List the types of packaging for tablets and capsules 

37.          What is mixing?

38.          What is the importance of mixing in pharmacy?

39.          Mention the mechanisms of mixing powders?

40.          Name the types of powder mixtures

41.          What is a waste?

42.          Define pharmaceutical waste?

43.          Name sources of waste in pharmaceutical production 

44.          What is waste immobilization?

45.          What is a tablet?

46.          Mention four characteristics of tablets

47.          What is an effervescent tablet?

48.          What is pharmaceutical production?

49.          What are general requirements for pharmaceutical production?

50.          What is GMP?

51.          Differentiate between quality control and quality assurance.

52.          What is a capsule?

53.          What are the major types of capsule?

54.          What is the difference between capsule shell and capsule fill content?

55.          What is the major component of capsule shell?

56.          What are factors affecting release of medicament(s) from capsule shell?

57.          What is a granule?

58.          What is granulation?

59.          What is the difference between dry granulation and wet granulation?

60.          Why is wet granulation more common than dry granulation?

61.          What are the GMP requirements for premises?

62.          Mention design features of a pharmaceutical manufacturing premise

63.          Mention the construction features of a pharmaceutical manufacturing premise

64.          Why is the design of equipment important in pharmaceutical production?

65.          What are the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical equipment?

66.          What is a hard gelatin capsule shell?

67.          What are the parts of a hard gelatin capsule shell?

68.          What are the various sizes of hard gelatin capsule shells for human use?

69.          Explain how the hard gelatin capsule shells are protected from accidental opening or tempering 

70.          What is the role of glidants in tablet manufacturing?

71.          Who prepares the formula for tablet manufacturing?

72.          What are the general roles of excipients in tablet production? 

73.          Mention the steps involved in filling of hard gelatin capsule shell

74.          What are the common problems encountered in capsule manufacturing?

75.          What is the importance of capsule sealing?

76.          What is NEMC?

77.          What are the roles of NEMC?

78.          What is EIA?

79.          What is the importance of EIA?

80.          What are the steps for conducting EIA?

81.          What is compression?

82.          What is consolidation?

83.          What are the parts of multi-station (rotary) tablet press?

84.          What are the events occurring in a compression cycle?

85.          What is dispensing of raw materials?

86.          List the equipment used in dispensing of raw materials

87.          What guides the dispensing process for raw materials?

88.          What is capsule formulation?

89.          How are various fill materials for encapsulation formulated?

90.          How is capsule size determined?


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