Bank Of Questions Basic Computer Application | Pharmacy Level 4 First Year

1.  What does the term ‘computer’ mean?

2.  What is the history of personal computer

3.  What are the computer parts?

4.  What are the features of keyboard?

5.  What are the procedures used in switching computer ON and OFF.

6.  What is the structure of computer?

7.  How many computer generations are there?

8.  What are major parts of a computer?

9.  What are the different types of backup equipment?

10.     What are areas where computer can be used in pharmacy field?

11.     What are the uses of computer in dispensing?

12.     What are  advantage and disadvantage of using computers in pharmacy?

13.     What is the meaning of information technology in inventory system?

14.     What are the benefits of information technology in inventory management?

15.     What are commonly used computerized inventory systems?

16.     What is software?

17.     What do you understand by the term System Software?

18.     What are the different types of Computer Software?

19.     What are the parts of the Word window?

20.     What is the difference between “Save” and “Save As” command?

21.     When do you use Backspace/Delete keys and Undo/Repeat functions?

22.     What is the use of Cut, Copy, Paste, Drag and Drop functions?

23.     Most documents have text that is left aligned. What are the other Alignments you know?

24.     What are the two most common spacing options?

25.     The ruler provides a visual tool that allows you to do what?

26.     What are steps to format text?

27.     Why do you use bulleted and numbered lists?

28.     What are steps which areused to insert Symbols?

29.     What are the steps involved to insert Headers and Footers?

30.     What are steps to create text boxes?

31.     What are steps involved to create columns in word document?

32.     How do you create tables in word document?

33.     Which steps are involved in editing tables?

34.     What are steps involved to insert and set objects?

35.     What are steps involved to insert and set pictures?

36.     How do you create and modify Diagrams and Charts?

37.     What are steps involved to insert Hyperlinks?

38.     What are steps involved to print envelopes?

39.     What are the steps involved for making track changes in a word document?

40.     What are steps involved to accept and reject changes in the word document?

41.     What is the default view for PowerPoint?

42.     What are steps of creating a Blank Presentation?

43.     What are steps of inserting, copying and deleting slides?

44.     What are the procedures for opening a presentation that you've previously saved?

45.     What are the steps for formatting text?

46.     How can you format using bullets and numbers?

47.     What steps shoukd be followed in adding clip art and pictures?

48.     What are the procedures for adding AutoShapes, WordArt and Hyperlinks?

49.     What steps are involved in animating slides?

50.     How can you create a Slide Master?

51.     What are steps involved in spell checking and printing?

52.     How do you add transition to slides for presentation?

53.     What are the tasks of the following Excel window parts?

54.     Title bar, Menu bar, Toolbar, Formula Bar

55.     How do you create, open and save workbooks?

56.     How do you enter, edit and delete data in worksheet?

57.     How do you define a meaningful name for each worksheet in a workbook?

58.     How do you insert and delete Rows and columns?

59.     How do you change column width and row height?

60.     Which steps are followed in inserting and deleting cells?

61.     How can a text be aligned   to 45 degrees?

62.     When is the equal sign (=) used?

63.     How can a chart be created?

64.     Which steps are involved in moving, resizing, and deleting charts?

65.     How can we change a page orientation?

66.     How can you create computer folder and file?

67.     How can you maintain a computer?

68.     How can you remove spyware/ adware from a computer?

69.     What are types of internet communication?

70.     What is the difference between the internet and the Web?

71.     What are the most common uses of the Internet and the Web?


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