Bank Of Questions Human Anatomy And Physiology | Pharmacy Level 4 | First Year



Below Are Collection Of Questions Of Huma Anatomy And Physilogy That  Questions Is Collected From Different Place There Is From Cats, From National Examination, End Of Semister, And Previously Past Paper.!!

1. What are the main human body systems?

2. What are the parts of the respiratory system?

3. What does the plasma membrane consist?

4. What are the functions of the cell?

5. What is the definition of the term tissue and membrane?

6. What are the four types of tissues?

7. What are the five main functions of tissue and membranes?

8. What is the main organ of respiration?

9. What are the functions of the nose?

10. What is the function of the pharynx?

11. What are the functions of the Larynx?

12. What are the functions of the saliva?

13. What are the functions of the small intestine?

14. What are the functions of the large intestine?

15. What is digestion?

16. What are the two types of digestion?

17. What are functions of hydrochloric acid?

18. What is the effect of ketone bodies in the body?

19. Mention the main blood vessels?

20. Differentiate between pulmonary and systemic circulation?

21. What are the functions of the heart?

22. What are the functions of blood?

23. Why do people react when give blood transfusion?

24. What are the four groups of blood?

25. What are the types of muscle tissue?

26. What are the five functions of muscles?

27. Which are the chief muscles of the body?

28. What are the functions of the bones?

29. What are the types of joints?

30. What are functions of the breast

31. Mention the secondary sex characteristics which occur in female

32. Explain the phases of menstruation

33. Describe structure of the vulva

34. Describe the blood supply of the ovary

35. What are main organs of the male reproductive system?

36. Explain the process of spermatogenesis

37. What is the process of urine formation?

38. What are the parts of the nephron?

39. What are functions of the Kidney?

40. What is a lymph?

41. What are  the functions of the spleen?

42. What are the functions of the lymph nodes?

43. What is the physiological unit of the nervous system?

44. Mention the two main type of senses?

45. Explain the structure of a neuron?

46. What is the term used to describe the membrane covering the brain and the spinal cord?

47. What are the functions of the hypothalamus?

48. What are the twelve cranial nerves?

49. What is the largest nerve in the body and what happens when it is damaged?

50. How do sympathetic and parasympathetic systems work?

51. What are the glands that make up the endocrine system?

52. What is the difference between exocrine and endocrine gland?

53. Mention nerves supplying the orbit and eye.

54. Mention chambers of the eye.

55. Lacrimal gland secretes what type of secretion?

56. Define Ear

57. What are the parts of the ear.?

58. What is the Physiology of balance?

59. What are the functions of carbohydrates?

60. What are the functions proteins?

61. What are the functions of DNA and RNA?

62. What are the functions of carbohydrates?

63. What are the functions proteins?

64. What are the functions of DNA and RNA?

65. What is enzyme?

66. What is co- enzyme?

67. What are the functions of enzyme?

68. What are the functions of co- enzyme?

69. What is negative feedback?

70. What is positive feedback?

71. What is the total body water in adults?

72. What percentage is extracellular water?

73. What percentage is intracellular?

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