Basic Pharmacology Question for NMT Nta Level 4 | Nursing And Midwifery

These are collection of questions from previously past paper. These are basic Pharmacology questions you can solve it and download below, there are directly link of downloading

   What are the common side effects of anticancer drugs?

   How do Alkylating drugs kill cancer cells?

   How do Benzodiazepines act?

   What are the side effects of phenobarbitone?

·         What are the classes of antidepressants?

·         What drugs are used to treat schizophrenia?

   What are the principle actions of first line Tuberculosis (TB) medication?

   What are the common side effects of first line anti-TB drugs?

   What are the main TB treatment regimens used in Tanzania?

   What is the mechanism of action of salbutamol?

   What is an example of nasal decongestion drug?

·         What are the commonly used antacids?

·         What are the effects of anti-cholinergic?

·         • What are emetics?

·         • What are common anti-emetics drugs?

·         • What are side effects of anti-emetics?

·         What are ant diabetic drugs?

·         What are oral hypoglycaemic drugs?

·         What are anti-coagulants?

·         What are anti-hypertensives drugs?

·         What are the common beta blockers?

·         What are the diuretics?

·         What are the common antiretroviral drugs?

·         What are the side effects of lamivudine?

·         What are the side effects of nevirapine?

·         What are the common antimalarial drugs?

·         What are the common antihelminthic drugs?

·         What is the first line drug for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria?

·         What is the most common used glucocorticoids?

·         What is the mode of action of NSAIDs?

·         The doctor prescribes 500 mg of Flucloxacillin. The bottle you have contains 200 mg in 1 ml. How many ml do you give?

·         Mrs. X weighs 70 kg. It has been decided to give her
6mg/kg/dose of Ibuprofen. Work out the dose to be given

·         600 ml of fluid is to be given over 4 hours. What is the
infusion rate (drops per minute) if the drop factor is 15?

·         What are the principles of drug/medicine administration?

·         What are the roles of a nurse during drug administration?

·         What are the different forms of medicine?

·         What are the factors affecting bioavailability of medicine?




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