Entrepreneurship Questions For NMT Nta Level 4 | Nursing And Midwifery


These are collection of questions from previously past paper. These are Basics of Health Information Management questions you can solve it and download below, there are directly link of downloading

          What is cost sharing?

          What are reasons for cost sharing?

          What are benefits and challenges of cost sharing?

          What are different financing mechanisms for health care?

          What is the business plan?

          What are elements of a business plan?

          What are steps in developing business plan?

          What is business idea?

          What are the principles of formulating business idea?

          What are the steps to follow in formulating business idea?

          What is business regulatory authority?

          What are the laws governing business in Tanzania?

          What are the area for private practice in Nursing and Midwifery?

          What is entrepreneurship?

          What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?

          What are the roles of nursing in entrepreneurship?






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