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MimiHapa MEDICINE as HOME OF MEDICINE Share with medical student of pharmacy known as pharmaceutical science course (PST) a collection of past paper questions of pharmacy for subject of Entrepreneurship Questions For Pst Nta Level 6, These are collections of question from the previously past paper, As Pharmacy Questions Time. So below are those question of Entrepreneurshipcan pass through it and try to solve those question and be completely on it (module)

1.  What is the link between MKUKUTA and economic growth?

2.  How does MKUKUTA translate of Vision 2025?

3.  What is Tanzania Development Vision 2025?

4.  What are the targets of the Tanzania Development Vision 2025?

5.  What are health service goals in the Tanzania Development Vision 2025?

6.  What are driving forces for the realization of Tanzania Development Vision 2025?

7.  What is National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty?

8.  What are the principles and fundamentals of MKUKUTA?

9.  What are the strategies for MKUKUTA implementation?

10.     Choose ONE successful entrepreneur in Tanzania from the Forbes List of Richest Tanzanians.

11.     Describe where he started from and what businesses were created by the entrepreneur over time. 

12.     Explain how he became rich and successful and what businesses are currently owned by the entrepreneur.

13.     Using the material you gather from Forbes magazine online, media reports and Wikipedia

14.     What is an entrepreneurship theory?

15.     What is the historical development of entrepreneurship?

16.     What are theories of entrepreneurship?

17.     What is entrepreneurship?

18.     What factors affect entrepreneurship?

19.     What is an entrepreneur?

20.     What are the types of entrepreneurs?

21.     What are factors that determine a person to become an entrepreneur?

22.     What are the roles of entrepreneur?

23.     What are the qualities of entrepreneurs?

24.     What are the ELEVEN (11) characteristics of entrepreneurs?

25.     Outline the SEVEN (7) misconceptions about entrepreneurs

26.     There are TEN (10) qualities of entrepreneurs which drive success. Which are they?

27.     Compare and contrast Characteristics and Qualities of successful entrepreneurs

28.     What is an entrepreneurial intention?

29.     What are the positive factors that 'pull' people into entrepreneurship?

30.     What are negative situational factors that 'push' people into entrepreneurship?

31.     What motivates entrepreneurs? 

32.     What is meant by Entrepreneurship challenges?

33.     List 8 challenges faced by Entrepreneurs

34.     Mention four challenges faced by entrepreneurs and their solutions

35.     Define innovation

36.     What is creativity?

37.     What are principles of innovations and creativity?

38.     What is an entrepreneurial mind?

39.     What is meant by marketing skills?

40.     What are general marketing skills?

41.     What are pharmaceutical marketing skills?

42.     What is meant by medicines and medical supplies outlets?

43.     List medicines and medical supplies outlets in Tanzania

44.     What are the procedures for establishing medicines and medical supplies outlets?

45.     List the criteria for establishing a medicines and medical supplies outlets ADDO

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