Health Information Management Questions For Pst Nta Level 5 | Pharmacy Questions

MimiHapa MEDICINE as HOME OF MEDICINE Share with medical student of pharmacy known as pharmaceutical science course (PST) a collection of past paper questions of pharmacy for subject of Health Information Management Questions For Pst Nta Level 5, These are collections of question from the previously past paper, As Pharmacy Questions Time. So below are those question of Health Information Management can pass through it and try to solve those question and be completely on it (module)

1.  Define data backup

2.  Describe importance of backing up data

3.  Explain Causes of data loss

4.  Explain, how to prevent data loss

5.  What is search engine?

6.  Describe procedure of searching materials on the internet

7.  What is report?

8.  What are the types of report?

9.  What are the principles of report writing?

10.     What are the components of report?

11.     Define Data Analysis 

12.     What is histogram?

13.     What is a bin in Excel? 

14.     What is frequency distribution in Excel? 

15.     Outline 8 steps to draw histogram in Excel

16.     What order of operations used to evaluate formulas in Excel?

17.     What are the useful functions in Excel?

18.     What is the pivot table?

19.     Define Tabulation

20.     What is Frequency Table

21.     List five methods of summarizing data

22.     How to find Mean, Mode and Median

23.     Mention at least two measures of dispersion

24.     What is electronic data storage?

25.     What is data security?

26.     What kind of data presented by using graph?

27.     What kind of data presented by using diagram?

28.     What is Electronic ordering/selling/dispensing/invoicing?

29.     What are the examples for applications used in inventory management?

30.     What are the benefits for an Electronic Dispensing Tool?

31.     What are the legit format types of an electronic Invoice?

32.     Define data, system, MIS, HMIS

33.     List Components of the WHO health management system

34.     Explain the importance of health management system

35.     List stakeholders of HMIS

36.     List key performance indicators of health management system

37.     Describe steps in Developing a Health Management Information System

38.     What is a Tanzania HMIS (MTUHA)?

39.     Which register is used as a HMIS guideline?

40.     Which register is used to summarize other HMIS data collection tools?

41.     What is DHIS 2?

42.     What are the common trends for data collection?

43.     What is data analysing?

44.     What is the importance of data analysing?

45.     What is a vertical health programs?

46.     What is the main vertical health programmes found in Tanzania?

47.     What is networking?

48.     What is the difference between CPOE and PIS?

49.     What is interoperability?




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