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MimiHapa MEDICINE as HOME OF MEDICINE Share with medical student of pharmacy known as pharmaceutical science course (PST) a collection of past paper questions of pharmacy for subject of Pharmaceutical Public Health Questions For Pst Nta Level 6, These are collections of question from the previously past paper, As Pharmacy Questions Time. So below are those question of Pharmaceutical Public Health can pass through it and try to solve those question and be completely on it (module)


1.  What is health promotion?

2.  What are the principles of health promotion?

3.  What are the strategies for health promotion?

4.  What is pharmaceutical public health?

5.  What are the roles of pharmaceutical public health?

6.  What are the barriers to the development of pharmaceutical public health?

7.  What is public health?

8.  What are the role  of pharmaceutical services in health program

9.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of public health programs

10.     What are the steps in conducting health promotion?

11.     What are approaches of conducting advocacy?

12.     What are forms of media approach?

13.     What is needs assessment for advocacy?

14.     What are the assessment tools for advocacy?

15.     What are the needs assessment processes for Advocacy?

16.     What are the methods for assessing needs for advocacy?

17.     What are the differences between advocacy, mobilization and sensitization?

18.     What is the importance of community sensitization?

19.     What are the channels of sensitization?

20.     What are the avenues for public awareness?

21.     What are the steps in conducting advocacy?

22.     What tactics can be employed to reach general audience?

23.     What tactics can be used to reach political level of government?

24.     What are the components of advocacy plan?

25.     What are the features of a good advocacy plan?

26.     What are health programmes?

27.     What are characteristics of health promotion programmes?

28.     What are components of health promotion programmes?





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