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MimiHapa MEDICINE as HOME OF MEDICINE Share with medical student of pharmacy known as pharmaceutical science course (PST) a collection of past paper questions of pharmacy for subject of Quality Assurance Of Pharmaceutical Products Questions For Pst Nta Level 5, These are collections of question from the previously past paper, As Pharmacy Questions Time. So below are those question of Quality Assurance Of Pharmaceutical Products can pass through it and try to solve those question and be completely on it (module)

1.  What are the features of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment?

2.  What are the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical equipment?

3.  What are the GMP requirements for equipment used in pharmaceutical production?

4.  What is GDocP?

5.  What is difference between master formula and master record?

6.  Define API?

7.  What are major types of raw materials used in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

8.  What are examples of various excipients used in pharmaceutical manufacturing?

9.  What are pharmaceutical raw materials?

10.     What are general Personnel Requirements in GMP?

11.     Who are the key personnel   as in accordance to GMP?

12.     What are general principles related to personnel in GMP?

13.     What are components of GMP?

14.     What are the premises requirements in GMP?

15.     What is quality? 

16.     What is the importance of quality in relation to preparation of pharmaceutical product?

17.     What is quality assurance?

18.     What is quality Control?

19.     What is Good Manufacturing Practice with regard to pharmaceutical manufacturing?

20.     What are the basic principles of GMP

21.     What are the importance of GMP?

22.     What are equipments used in facility based pharmaceutical preparation unit?

23.     What is Reverse Osmosis Machine?

24.     What are the operating principles of an Autoclave?

25.     What is SOPs?

26.     What are the components of SOPs?

27.     What is the importance of SOP?

28.     What is preventive maintenance?

29.     What is the importance of proper PM of equipment and machines?

30.     What are the general considerations in PM of machines and equipment?

31.     What is friability?

32.     What are examples of chromatographic techniques?

33.     What are the uses of TLC?

34.     What are factors affecting disintegration time?



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