Continuous Assessment Test Two Examination (CAT) 2 as the examinations that consist two examinations which are theory and practical examination of a subjects. Important of this examination (CAT2) is to complete the process of calculation of credit for each subject. Also important of this examination help to determine who are eligible or not eligible to do end of semester examinations, but include the assignment 1 and 2. So it important examination to do well so as to make a great credit of subject to get a better GPA.

MimiHapa MEDICINE As HOME OF MEDICINE shared with you a medical student a questions that will help to prepare well in you examination starting this CAT2, supplementary examinations (special examination) and End of semester Examination. So as to make it possible. Below are questions a medical student can download and save it on his or her devices to pass through it and trying to solve so as to be competent and ready to examination

THEORY EXAMINATIONS (Past Paper Questions And Possible Questions)

1.  [Download Here] Obstetric And Gyanaecology 1 Past Paper Questions And Possible Questions

2.  [Download Here] Peadiatric And Child Health Past Paper Questions And Possible Questions

3.  [Download Here] Communicable Disease Past Paper Questions And Possible Questions

4.  [Download Here] Pharmacology And Therapeutic Past Paper Questions And Possible Questions

5.  [Download Here] Health Promotions Past Paper Questions And Possible Questions


1.  [Download Here Bank Questions] Obstetric And Gyanaecology 1

2.  [Download Here Bank Questions] Peadiatric And Child Health.

3.  [Download Here Bank Questions] Communicable Disease

4.  [Download Here Bank Questions] Pharmacology And Therapeutic

5.  [Download Here Bank Questions] Health Promotions


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