1. A 55-year-old male died suddenly at home due to unknown cause. The relatives brought the body and demanded to know the cause of death.

A. which procedure will you do to determine the cause of death.

ü Post-mortem procedure or autopsy

B. Outline other five aims of above procedure.

ü Determine the cause, manner, mechanism and time of death

ü To recover, evidentially material

ü To identify evidentiary material

ü To preserve evidentially material

ü To provide interrupt and circumstances related to death

ü To provide correlation of facts and circumstances related to death

ü To provide an objective and factual medical report of law enforcement, defence agencies

ü To provide evidence of death to support insurance-based claims and reimbursement

2. A 62 years old female was found died in bed room the police suspect the drug in toxicity.

A. Which forensic investigation is supposed to be carried out.

ü Forensic toxicology

B. Six samples to be corrected

ü Urine

ü Blood

ü Stomach content

ü Vitreous humour

ü Kidney

ü Liver

ü Bone marrow

3. Outline seven important information to be corrected in medical legal examination of gunshot wound.

Ø Type of weapon used

Ø Range (characteristics of entry wound and firearm discharge residue)

Ø Direction of shot (position of entry and exit wound on body, wound track)

Ø Number of gunshot (number of wound entry or exit)

Ø Cause of death (injuries associated with wound track

4. Outline 4 aims of torture

Ø To gether information

Ø To take revenge

Ø To get confession

Ø To obtain testimonial

Ø Spread terror in the community

Ø To destroy personary

5. A 24 years old girl brought to the hospital with the complain of being raped six hours. Describe the management of patient based on;


Ø history taking ,

Ø obtain informed consent

Ø ask about general status of the patient

Ø gynaecological history ; ask about LNMP

Ø assault  it self such as ;

genital bleeding , discharge , itching , sore or pain ,

 urinary symptoms like frequency urination

anal pain or bleeding



Ø  physical examination

Ø Note general appearance of patient  and mental status

Ø Note the patient vital sign ; PR , T , RR , BP

Ø Examine the patient head to toe

Ø Genitoanal examination ; any injury , such as bruises and tear

Ø Photography of any injury with concent of victim ,any sign of penetration per vaginal ,any sign of bite and nail mark , check for sperm by using spectrum


Ø Investigation

· Medical investigation

Urinary pregnancy test

VDRL rapid test

HIV rapid test

Hepatitis b surface antigen

High vaginal swab

· forensic investigation

serological test  such as sperm for DNA

hair for DNA

finger print collect physical evidence like clothes




Ø Treatment

Give emergency contraceptive drug if up is negative

Post exposure prophylaxis for HIV if the result is negative such as zidovudine, lamivudine and efavirenz (high risk) and zidovudine and lamivudine (low risk ) within 72 hours


 Ant pain

Ø Collection and submission of forensic evidence

Physical evidences like clothes , hair , any things leaved by suspect

Ø   linkage

medical services


forensic laboratory service

social well fair services

legal services



6. a 7 years boy was found died at home. Police reported malnourished child with matted hair, poor body, odow and dark skin. The neighbour claim that the child was looked in the room with.

A; Describe based on causes of death, differential diagnosis and other clinical presentation and other prevention

Ø starvation and neglect child

Ø differential diagnosis

ü battered baby syndrome

ü sudden death syndrome

Ø other presentation

ü dehydration

ü avitaminosis

ü hypothermia

ü severe and ulcerating deeper rashes

ü sores

Ø prevention

ü if you having trouble manage your emotional and stress of parenthood and sick help

ü if other people help take care your child weather hired care giver, sibling or grand parent make sure they now danger of the shaken baby syndrome

ü when your crying baby can’t be calmed you may be tempered to try nothing to get tear to stop. But it is important always to treat your child gently.


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