1. A  type of computer that is very fast and can perform hundreds of millions of instructions per second is known as:

A. Workstation

B. Minicomputer

C. Supercomputer

D. Maiframe Computer

E. Personal Computer or Micro Computers


2. A shortcut  key for pasting data from one location to another is:

A. Ctrl + B

B. Ctrl + C

C. Ctrl + V

D. Ctrl + X

E. Ctrl + Z



3. Which excel formula will add the value of cell B2 to B6 and then multiply by C12 

A. = (B6 +  C12)* B2

B. = (B6 * (B2 + C12

C. = (B6 * B2  + C12

D. = (B6 +  B2)* C12

E. = (B6 *  C12) + B2


4. The process that occurs when you press the power button to turn your computer on is:

A. Turning

B. Booting

C. Boosting

D. Routing

E. Switching


5. Which of the following is an example of a Search Engine;

A. Skype

B. Google

C. Facebook

D. Messenger

E. Internet Service Provider


6. The following is NOT a component of a System Unit:

A. Mouse

B. Memory

C. Power Supply

D. Adapter Cards

E. Central Processing Unit


7. A program that allows you to create dynamic presentations using its easy to use, predefined layouts and template is known as:

A. E-mail Software

B. Database Software

C. Spreadsheet software

D. Power Point Software

E. Word Processing software


8. Which of the following is NOT a widely used e-mail program:

A. Gmail

B. Yahoo

C. Hotmail

D. Facebook

E. Microsoft Outlook Express


9. A program that can copy itself and infect computer without the permission of the user is known as:

A. Java

B. Floppy

C. E-mail

D. Monitor

E. Computer Virus


10. Which method allows you to move selected text using a computer mouse:

A. Cut

B. Undo

C. Copy and Past

D. Drag and Drop

E. Find and Replace





· This section consists of Four (4) questions with five (5) options each

· Write the word “TRUE” and NOT letter ‘T’ for a correct statement and the word “FALSE” NOT letter ‘F’ for incorrect statement in the space provided before each option

· All responses should be in CAPITAL letters

· Half (1/2) a mark will be awarded for each correct response

· Responses with letters ‘T’ and ‘F’ will not be awarded any mark

· There will be a penalty of half (1/2) of allocated marks for responses with small letters.


1. Facts about Random Access Memory (RAM) includes:

A. TRUE        It holds the processed data and program instructions for processing the data

B. FALSE      It is a non-volatile

C. TRUE        It holds the processed information before the output

D. TRUE        Temporary data will be lost if the electrical power to the computer is


E. FALSE      Is a type of secondary storage device


2. Important things to know before creating a table in Microsoft Word are:

A. TRUE             Number of Rows

B. TRUE   Number of Columns

C. FALSE Heading

D. FALSE Color

E. TRUE             Cell


3. The following are slide view in Microsoft PowerPoint.

A. FALSE Design View

B. TRUE             Normal view

C. TRUE             Slide Sorter view

D. TRUE             Outline view

E. FALSE Layout view



4. Facts about includes:

A. FALSE It is an internet address

B. TRUE             neema1994 is a username or user domain

C. FALSE “go” indicate the name of the organization

D. TRUE is a server name or domain name

E. TRUE             It can be used to communicate in discussion groups



SECTION C:  MATCHING QUESTIONS                               (10 MARKS)


· This section consists of two (2) questions of matching with five (5) options each

· Match the items from column B with those in column A by writing the letter of correct response in the space provided on each option. USE CAPITAL LETTERS

· Each correct response is awarded one (1) mark

· Each item from column B is used only once


1. Match the descriptions from column B with their corresponding terms in column A



COLUMN A: (Terms)

COLUMN B: (Descriptions)




A. Intersection of rows and columns




B. System software



Operating System

C. Application Software




D. Unwanted and unsolicited e-mail




E. Unprocessed data




F. Locate misspelled words and correct as you type




G. Processed data




H. Antivirus Software


2. Match the descriptions from column B with the corresponding terms in column A



COLUMN A: (Terms)

COLUMN B: (Description)



Special Key                                      

A. Hard disk




B. Random Access Memory (RAM)




C. Shift Key



Secondary Storage Devise        

D. Illegal program which comes to your computer while browsing the internet



Save file under different name  

E. Delete Key




F. Save AS




G. Personal Computer




H. Save


SECTION D:  SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS                                                 (40 MARKS)


· This section consists of Eight (8) questions.

· Write your answers in the space provided on each question.

· Write a readable handwrite; DIRTY WORK IS NOT ALLOWED


1. a) Define output devices        (2 Marks)



· Output devices translate the processed information from the computer into a form that humans can understand.


b) Mention three (3) examples of output devices        (3 Marks)


Answer (Any 3 points @ 1 mark)

         Examples of output devices

· Monitor

· Printer

· Fax machine

· Speaker


2. a) What is Microsoft Word?              (2 Marks)



· Is word processing software that allows you to create documents such as letters, flyers, report, etc.


      b) What are the three (3) uses of Title bar, Menu bar and formatting toolbar in word window? (3 Marks)


Answer (3 points @ 1 mark)

· Title bar displays the document name followed by a program name.

· Menu bar contains a list of options to manage and customize documents.

· Formatting toolbar contains buttons used for formatting



3. Mention five (5) common examples of web browser                      (5 Marks)


Answer (Any 5 points @ 1 mark)

· Microsoft internet Explores

· Netscape Navigator

· Mozila Firefox

· Google Chrome

· Opera

· Safari


4. List five (5) areas where Power Point Presentation can be used                (5 Marks)


Answer (Any 5 points @ 1 mark)

· In a classroom: For tutors during teaching

· In a classroom: for student during presentation

· In seminars: for presentation

· In meeting: for presentation

· Workshop

· Social activities e.g. Wedding ceremony


5. Mention five (5) options which are displayed when you right click a misspelled word (5 Marks)



· Ignore all

· Add to dictionary

· AutoCorrect

· Language

· Spelling

· Look up


6. Enumerate five (5) types of Personal Computer            (5 Marks)



· Desktop computer

· Laptop or notebook

· Personal Digital assistants, palmtops or pocket computer

· Tablet computer

· Wearable computer

· Cell phones


7. Identify the use of each of the following computer components   (5 Marks)

a) Ports


· Serves as an interface between the computer and other computer or peripheral devices


b) Hard Disk Drive


·  Is used for storing data permanently in a computer unless deleted


c) Fan


·  Is used for cooling the internal parts of the computer


d) Monitor


· Is used for displaying the output or what is happening inside the computer.


      (e) CD-ROM Drive


· Is used for reading information from a CD-ROM


8. a) What is a web browser?               (1 Mark)


· Is a program that provides access to web resources


b) Differentiate between                

       i) Workbook and a Worksheet      (2 Marks)


·  Workbook is made up with worksheets while worksheets is made up of column and rows


      ii) Internet and Web         (2 Marks)


· The internet is the actual physical network. It made up of wires, cables and satellites; and it connects millions of computers and resources through the world while the web is a multimedia interface to resources available on the Internet.




· This section consists of three (3) questions which are supposed to be answered in a narrative way

· Write your answer on the empty pages of this question paper; each question should start on a new page

· There will be a penalty of three (3) marks from score attained in this section if question(s) is/are not answered in essay form


1. Describe the importances of the computer motherboard        (10 Marks)



Introduction 1 Mark

· Is the base of the modern computer system whereby all internal devices are attached to it


Importance of computer motherboard   9 Marks

(Describe 6 points @ 1.5 marks)

· Organization: In one way or another, everything is eventually connected to the motherboard. The design and layout indicates how the entire computer is going to be organized.

· Control: It contains chipset and BIOS program that control most of the data flow within the computer.

· Communication: All communication between computer and its peripherals, other PCs and you the user goes through the motherboard.

· Processor Support: Motherboard dictates directly your choice of processor for use in the system.

· Peripheral Support: Motherboard determines what types of peripherals you can use in your PC. For example, the type of video card your system will use (ISA, VLB, PCI) IS dependent on what system bases your motherboard uses.

· Performance: Motherboard is a determinant Factor in your system performance because: it determines types of processors, memory, system buses, and hard disk interfaces speed your system can have, and these components dictate directly your system performance. Also quality of motherboard circuitry and chipset has an impact on performance.

· Upgradability: Capabilities of motherboard dictate to what extent you will be able to upgrade your machine.


2. Describe the most common uses of the Internet (10 Marks)


Introduction 2 Marks

· An internet is the connection of millions of computer and resources around the globe.


Uses     8 Marks

(Describe 4 points @ 2 marks)

· Communicating is the most popular internet activity. You can exchange e-mail with friends, colleague and Family. Also you can join and listen to discussion and debates on the internet.

· Shopping:  You can visit store or cybermall, which provide access to a variety of different stores. You can window shop, look for the latest fashions search for bargains, and make purchases.

· Entertainment: You can find music, movies, magazines, and computer games. Also you will find live concerts, movies previews, book clubs and interactive live games.

· Education or e-learning: You can take classes on almost any subject.

· Searching for information:  You can access some of the world’s largest libraries directly from your home computer. You will also find the latest local, national and international news.


3. Describe basic rules for safe use of your computer   (10 Marks)



Introduction 1 Mark

· Computer is an electronic machine that takes data, store it, process that data and produce information.


Rules    9 Marks

(Describe 6 points @ 1.5 marks)

· Never turn your computer of off with the power switch until window has shut down. This prevents defect of HDD caused by the HDD head containing the surface of the drive disk and can also result in last of date or window files.

· Use UPS to keep your computer from crushing  during power out ages and it protect from low and high voltage occurrences.

· Backup data you can not afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives ( external HDD, CD –RWs etc)

· Never unplug peripherals (except hot plug gable) from your PC when it is powered up to avoid short out the connector socket or the motherboard

· Keep track of the software disks you receive with your computer and new peripherals. You may use these drivers in the future.

· Do keep at least 300MBs of your C: drive for windows and it will start dumping data to they hard drive or it may get very slow.

· Create restore point, and when a computer is running poorly, restore lit to the day.

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