1. Five specific steps you can take to increase production on your organization.

1. Identify gapes

2. Training and development

3. Motivating employees

4. Do performance Appraisal

5. Promotion


2.  How to solve conflict at work place(organization)(mention five)

1. Provide conflict resolution training.

2. Provide communication skills training

3. Develop staff, developing positive work relationship.

4. Implement team building activities.

5. Develop strong communication channel

6. Make sure that employees are clear about goals and priorities.

7. Treat every one fairly.


3. What are the biggest obstacles facing  leader and manager.(Mention five)

1.Inspire others

2.Developing employees

3.Leading teams  

4.Guiding changes

5.Managing internal stakeholders and politics.

6.Develop managerial effectiveness


4. How to overcome leader and manager obstacles. (Mention five)

1.Set goals.

2.Delegate more..

3.Maximize your unique values.

4.Gain some role clarity.

5.Manage the performance,

6.Administer policies fairly and consistently

7.Resolve conflicts,

5. What to retain employee at your organization.(Mention five)

1. Provide employees with tools they need to do the job.

2. Provide employees with training they need to do their job.

3. Help the employees to set their performance.

4. Become a resource

5. Hold staff accountable


6. Five characteristics of good governances.




  4.Rule of law.

  5.Efficiency and Effectiveness

  6.Consensus orientation



7.  Mention five ways on how to motivate employees.

1. Set smaller goals

2. Give your Employees the purpose

3. Delegate more

4. Reward basing on feedback

5. Show Employees big picture

6. Be transparent.


8. Importance of good governance in the community.(mention five)

1. Promote community confidence

2. Encourage elected member and council to confidence

3. Leads to better decision

4. Support ethical decision making

5. Help local governance to meet its legislative responsibilities


9. Importance of discipline at the work place (mention five)

1. Promote appropriately behavior.

2. Efficiency

3. Peace environment

4. Fairness

5. Ensure safety


10. Five importance of team work

1. Delegation of responsibilities

2. Work efficiencies

3. It increases Production in the organization

4. Foster flexibility and responsiveness

5. Create good communication between workers

6. Create sense of achievement.

11. Core value of manager at work place.

1. Respect

2. Accountability

3. Diligence

4. Discipline

5.  Integrity

12. Mention five function of manager.

1. Organizing

2. Coordinating

3. Planning

4. Respect

5. Directing

6. Budgeting

7. Ordering


13.Core values of leader

1. Respect

2. Integrity

3. Courage

4. Wisdom

5. Humanity

14. Mention five importance of performance appraisal.

1. Setting Goals

2. Giving  and Receiving feedback

3. Improve communication

4. Improve performance

5. Identify gaps.


15. Mention five causes of Employees Turn over.

1. Poor management

2. Low wages

3. Lack of conducive working Environment.

4. Poor working condition.

5. Faith and confidence shaken

6. Raises and promotion frozen

7. Opportunity not available.


16. Mention five Effects of Employees turn over.

1. Decrease of Performance

2. High cost

3. Decrease production

4. Management Frustration

5. Poor organization reputation

17. Mention five Importance of coaching at work place.

1. Retention

2. Personal development

3. Team efficient

4. Employees growth

5. Fulfill organization goals


18. Five importance of mentoring in the organization

1. Increase level of motivation from those who involved.

2. Enable employees to have clear direction and clear objection

3. Sharing knowledge and experience and best practice as started of working standard.

4. Tangible and measurable gain if work task and project are used as developmental tools.

5. Innovation and continuous improvement in the way employees approach their work.

6. Improve communication at all level and cross level.

19. Mention five importance of doing supportive supervision at working station.

1. Facilitate control

2. Optimum facilitation of resource

3. Discipline

4. Feedback

5. Improve communication

6. Improve motivation


20. Mention five stapes of coaching.

1. Clarify the goals

2. Make it real

3. Strategies action stages

4. Accountability

5. Celebrates each stapes


21. Mention five stapes of doing management by objective.

1. Start  organization by objective

2. Cascade  objective to Employees

3. Monitor

4. Evaluate performance

5. Reward

22. How retain employees at work place.

1.Fairness and equity treatment

2.The freedom of speech to employees

3.Reward and Appreciate

4.Conducive working Environment to the Employees

5.Respect your Employees

6.Delegate and Give them responsibilities


23. mention five characteristics of good leader.

1. Honesty

2. Delegate

3. Communicate

4. Confidence

5. Commitment

6, Creative

7. Passion

8. Positive altitude

24.What are the feature of management.(mention five)

1. Management is goal orientation process

2. Management is pervasive means it is universal phenomenon  .

3. Management is continuous process

4. Management is Multidamention. .

5. Management is an operation.

25. What are the types of health facilities.(mention five)

1.Human resource requirement in dispensary levels.

2.Human resource requirement in health centre levels.

3.Human resource requirement in District hospital levels.

4.Human resource requirement in referral Regional hospital levels.

5.Human resource required National and specialized referral hospitals levels.

26. Mention five leadership style. 

1.Laissez faire leadership style

2.Autocratic  leadership style

3.Participative  or Democracy leadership style

 4.Transactional leadership style

     5.Transformational leadership style

27. Mention the different between leader and Manager.

1. Leader say we while manager say I.

2.  Leader use policy while manager use procedure

3. Leader use people while manager use organization structure.

4.  Leader use vision while managers follow goals and objectives.

5. Leader depend on good will while manager depend on authority.

28.Mention five leadership theories.

1. Great man   leadership theories.

2. Trait    leadership theories.

3. Behavioral leadership theories.

4. Contingency leadership theories.

5. Transaction leadership theories.

6. Transformation leadership theories.

29. Mention at least five stapes of  selection in recruitment

1.Plan the selection understands the job, train hr, and monitor the process.

2.Prepare for the interview

3.Conduct the interview

4.Check the reference of your final candidate

5.Make your decision and review it.


30. Mention five staffing process.

1.Estimating man power required.



4.Placement and orientation

5.Training and development

6.Performance Appraisal.


31. Explain the process of building the team work.

1.Establish leadership

2.Establish relationship with Employees

3.Build relationship between your Employees

4.Foster team work

5.Set ground role of the team


32.Mention five development staff process.



3.Placement and Orientation

4.Training and development

5.Performance appraisal

6.Promotion and Career planning



33.Mention induction process.

1.Organization chart,

     2.Introduction to team member,

     3.Layout of office ,

4.To director or manager ,

5.Safety procedure ,

6.Introduction to other employees.

34. The importance of communication at work place.

1.Clear expectation

2.Increase satisfaction

3.Creates strong relationship

4.Strong relationship

5.Increase worker productivity

6.Ideas and innovation


35. Human resource manager function.(mention five)

1.Compensation and  benefit


3.Training and development






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