1. The following group represents the basic units of measurement in computer storage hardware

A.    Kilogram, megabytes, bytes, centimeter

B.     Terabytes, megabytes, kilobytes, gigabytes

C.     Meter square, gigabytes, bytes, farads

D.    Farads, bytes, terabytes, centimeter

E.     bytes, terabytes, centimeter

2. Which type of the following application software is used for budgeting?

A.  Page er

B.  Spreadsheet software

C.  Desktop publishing

D.  Presentation software

E.   Word processing software

3. Operating system supervises the overall operation of the computer, what is type of software it belonging to?

A.    Computer software

B.     System software

C.     Window software

D.    Application program

E.     Device software

4. The term Icon refers to:

A.    A Picture of symbol that represents a command

B.     A Photograph

C.     A Leader

D.    A Symbol of Power

E.     Symbol of wired network



5.  Control unit in central processing hardware is used to……………..

A.    Run processes in waiting model

B.     Run and initiate all processes in CPU

C.     Control operating system within CPU.

D.    Manage and control all functions of CPU

E.     Store data in CPU

6. The Window’s Desktop is:

A.    An area that is used for viewing documents

B.     An area that organizes your documents

C.    An area that gives you quick access to files

D.    An area that give you access to system software

E.     An area for background

7. Backing up of computer data is the process of:

A.    Reversing the files stored on the hard drive

B.     Putting your computer in the back of the room

C.    Storing an extra copy of data on the hard disk

D.    Storing an extra copy on an external storage device

E.     Storing of data in CPU

8. What group of devices used as input devices and output device

A.    Mouse and monitor

B.     Monitor and speaker

C.     Scanner and monitor

D.    Speaker and scanner

E.     Keyboard and scanner

9. Which type of port you can connect projector to computer when you decide to use projector as your output device.

A.    Usb port

B.     VDI port

C.    VGA port

D.    Rj 45 port

E.     Fireware port

10. Which part of mouse help to move up or down of page

A.    Left button

B.     Wheel

C.     Pointer

D.    Right button

E.     Click button


SECTION B: MULTIPLE TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS                           10


·            This section consists of four (4) questions with five (5) options each

·            Write in the space provided the word “TRUE” and NOT letter ‘T’ for a correct statement and the word “FALSE” NOT letter ‘F’ for incorrect statement

·            Half (1/2) a  will be awarded for each correct response

1. Regarding physical threats

        i.            TRUE…………………Theft

      ii.            FALSE…………………..Virus

    iii.            TRUE…………………Floods

    iv.            FALSE………………….Kaspersky

      v.            FALSE………………..Antivirus

2. Procedure for protecting computer from power surge

        i.            TRUE…………….Always use power surge protector

      ii.            FALSE……………..Do not download from untrusted websites  

    iii.            TRUE……………..Turn off your computer when not use

    iv.            TRUE……………..Unplug all electronic devices and wait for storms to pass

      v.            FALSE……………..Never turnoff your computers with power switch.

3. Regarding peripheral devices

        i.            FALSE…………….Allow communication

      ii.            TRUE……………..Increase the functionalities of the computer system

    iii.            FALSE……………...Its Nonvolatile devices

    iv.            TRUE………………Use device driver to communicate with operating system

      v.            FALSE………………Used to filter processed data

4. Computer storage hardware

        i.            FALSE………………Nonvolatile  store data temporary

      ii.            TRUE………………Primary storage is volatile storage

    iii.            FALSE………………Secondary storage accessed randomly

    iv.            TRUE………………Primary storage accessed randomly

      v.            TRUE………………Nonvolatile store data permanently




SECTION C:  MATCHING QUESTIONS                                 10


·         This section consists of two (2) question of matching with five (5) options each.

·         Match the items from column B with those in column A by writing the letter of correct response in the space provided. USE CAPITAL LETTERS.

·         Each correct response is awarded one (1) ; each item from column B is used only once.

1.      Match the computer threats  in column A with their preventive maintenance in column B




1.  Dust


A.Use updated antivirus

2. Virus


B. Cleaning the computer hardware

3. unstable power


C. Uninstall unused software

4. Humidity


D. Use updated antivirus

5. Lighting


E. Use Air condition



F. Earth rods



G. Power surge





2.      Match the security terms in column A against their meaning in column B




1. Access Control


A.Someone who seeks to exploit computer system

2. Authorization


B.Is an attempt to steal personal information

3. Firewall


C.Allow you to filter what kind of traffic can come in and go out of network

4. Authentication


D.A person who uses computer to gain unauthorized access to resource.

5. Hacker


E.Occurs when an attacker tries to make a service unreachable



F.Is the process of enforcing the required security for a particular resource



G.Is the process of establishing if the user is permitted to have access to a resource



H.Is a process by which you verify that someone is who they claim they are





SECTION D:  SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS                            40


·         This section consists of eight (8) questions.

·         Write your answer on the spaces provided

·         Write a readable handwrite; DIRTY WORK IS NOT ALLOWED.

1. Define the following term used in computer

        i.            Internet

Is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the the standard internet protocol suite (TCP/IP).

      ii.            Network

Is a group of interconnected (via cable and/or wireless) computers and peripherals that is capable of sharing software and hardware resources

    iii.            Intranet

Is a private network based on TCP/IP protocol belonging to an organization/staff,accessible only within the organization.

    iv.             Protocol

Is a set of rules or procedures for transmitting data between electronic devices such as Computer?

      v.            Communication Media

     Is a group of devices that are capable of delivering and receiving data or Information

2. Mention parts of internet pathname

       I.            Protocol

    II.            Domain Name.

 III.            Host

 IV.            Document name.

    V.            Access way.

3. Define the following terms used in internet

        i.            Website

Is a set of related webpages located under a single domain name

      ii.            Domain name


Is a part of network address that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.

    iii.            URL

Is the address of a World Wide Web page.

    iv.            Hyperlink

Is an element in HTML document that links to either another portion of the document or to another HTML document.

      v.            Browser

Is a program with a graphical user interface for displaying HTML files,used to navigate the world wide .

4. Mention the five fields of an email

       I.            From.

    II.            To.

 III.            Subject.

 IV.            CC.

    V.            BCC.

5. Enumerate five examples of search engines.

       I.            Google.

    II.            Yahoo.

 III.            Bing.


    V.            Baidu.

6. A) with example what are four hardware parts in the computer system.

       I.            Output hardware eg Monitor,printer.

    II.            Input hardware eg scanner,mouse,keyboard.

 III.            Storage hardware eg Hard drive disk.

 IV.            Processing hardware eg CPU.



6. B) Define www

Is the way of accessing web (internet) resources using HTTP.

7. What are the meaning of the following terms used in computer.

        I.            WAN

Wide area Network

     II.            MAN

Metropolitan Area Network.

  III.            LAN

Local Area Network.

  IV.            HTTP

Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

    V.            HTML

Hypertext up Language

8. A) Mention the parts of email address

       I.            Username.

    II.            @.

 III.            Domain name.

8. B) what are two types of toolbar in Microsoft word 2007

       I.            Formatting toolbar

    II.            Standard toolbar






·         This section consists of two (2) questions which are supposed to be answered in a narrative way

·         Write your answer on a separate sheet of paper provided; each question should start on a new page.

·         Write your examination number on each answer sheet you are using.


1.       Describe basic rules for computer safe use.

Any 5 points @ 3

·        Cleaning the computer hardware

·        Never turn off computer with power switch

·        Installing updated antivirus

·        Delete temporary files

·        Unplug your computer from the socket when not used

·        Do not visit unsecured sites

·        Do not download unknown email attachment


2. Explain advantages of using internet in hospitals and other health facilities.

   Definition 3

Any 4 points @ 3


·         Lower cost.

·         Better patience experiences.

·         Better management of drugs and medicine.

·         Reduce error and waste.

·         Improve outcome of treatment.

·         Enhance learning

·         Easy communication


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