Human Anatomy Notes Za Wizara

Human Anatomy Notes Za Wizara | Clinical Medicine NTA Level 4 Notes Za Wizara

Download Now Human Anatomy Notes, Human Anatomy Sessions, Human Anatomy Subjects, Human Anatomy Modules.

Clinical Medicine NTA Level 4 Notes, Clinical Medicine NTA Level 4 Sessions, Clinical Medicine NTA Level 4 Subjects, Clinical Medicine NTA Level 4 Modules.

Download Now Human Anatomy Notes, Human Anatomy Sessions

  1. Session One: Anatomy Structure Organization of Organism
  2. Session Two: Levels of Structural Organization
  3. Session Three: Organs in Different Body Cavity
  4. Session Four: Different Cell Types and Structures
  5. Session Five: Epithelial Tissue
  6. Session Six: Connective Tissue
  7. Session Seven: Bone Tissue-Structure Functions
  8. Session Eight: Classification of Bones
  9. Session Nine: Bones Formation(Ossification)
  10. Session Ten: Muscle Tissue-Structure and Functions
  11. Session Eleven: Structure of Nervous Tissue
  12. Session Twelve: Skeleton-Structure Functions
  13. Session Thirteen: Skull-Structure and Functions
  14. Session Fourteen: Vertebral Column-Structure Functions
  15. Session Fifteen: Thoracic Cage-Structure & Functions
  16. Session Sixteen: Shoulder Girdle & Upper Limbs Bones -Structure
  17. Session Seventeen: Pelvic Girdle And Lower Limbs-Structure
  18. Session Eighteen: Muscles of the Facial Expression, Face and Neck
  19. Session Nineteen: Muscles of The Upper Limbs
  20. Session Twenty: Muscles of the Abdomen
  21. Session Twenty-One: Muscles of the Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limbs
  22. Session Twenty-Two: Joints
  23. Session Twenty-Three: Structural Organization of Nervous System
  24. Session Twenty-Four: Structure and Function of Brain
  25. Session Twenty-Five: Spinal Cord
  26. Session Twenty-Six: Spinal Nerves
  27. Session Twenty-Seven: Organization of Peripheral Nervous System
  28. Session Twenty-Eight: Introduction to Cardiovascular System
  29. Session Twenty-Nine: Structure of Blood Vessels
  30. Session Thirty: Vascular Response to Injury
  31. Session Thirty-One: Structure of Upper Respiratory Tract
  32. Session Thirty-Two: Structure of Lower Respiratory Tract Pleural Cavity
  33. Session Thirty-Three: Introduction to Gastrointestinal Sytem
  34. Session Thirty-Four: Structure and Functions of the Esophagus
  35. Session Thirty-Five: Structure and Functions of Female Reproductive System
  36. Session Thirty-Six: Menstruation Secondary Female Characteristics
  37. Session Thirty-Seven: Structure and Functions of Male Reproductive System
  38. Session Thirty-Eight: Spermatogenesis Secondary Male Characteristics
  39. Session Thirty-Nine: Structure and Functions of the Eye
  40. Session forty: Structure of Stomach, Intestines and anal Canal
  41. Session forty-One: Structure of Urinary System
  42. Session forty-Two: Structure and Functions of Breast Lactation
  43. Session forty-Three: Structures and Functions of the Ears

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