Paediatrics and Child Health II Notes Pdf

Pediatrics and Child Health Notes Pdf, Pediatrics and Child Health Notes Za Wizara, Clinical Medicine NTA Level 5 Notes Za Wizara

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Clinical Medicine NTA Level 5 Notes, Clinical Medicine NTA Level 5 Sessions, Clinical Medicine NTA Level 5 Subjects, Clinical Medicine NTA Level 5 Modules.

Download Now Pediatrics and Child Health Notes Pdf, Pediatrics and Child Health Sessions

  1. Session One: Obstructed Breathing
  2. Session Two: Shock
  3. Session Three: Convulsion
  4. Session Four: Hyperthermia
  5. Session Five: Hypothermia
  6. Session Six: Coma
  7. Session Seven: Hypoglycemia
  8. Session Eight: Status Epilepticus
  9. Session Nine: Status Asthmaticus
  10. Session Ten: Animal Bites
  11. Session Eleven: Burn
  12. Session Twelve: Severe Dehydration
  13. Session Thirteen: Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  14. Session Fourteen: Poisoning
  15. Session Fifteen: Acute abdomen
  16. Session Sixteen: Urticaria
  17. Session Seventeen: Angioedema
  18. Session Eighteen: Anaphylaxis
  19. Session Nineteen: Steven Johnsons Syndrome
  20. Session Twenty: Sickle Cell Disease
  21. Session Twenty One: Priapism
  22. Session Twenty Two: Neonatal Jaundice
  23. Session Twenty Three: Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn
  24. Session Twenty Four: Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn
  25. Session Twenty Five: Muconium Ileus
  26. Session Twenty Six: Asphyxia
  27. Session Twenty Seven: Cord Granuloma
  28. Session Twenty Eight: Newborn Screening
  29. Session Twenty Nine: Newborn Resuscitation
  30. Session Thirty: Prematurity
  31. Session Thirty One: Low Birth Weight
  32. Session Thirty Two: Kangaroo Mother Care
  33. Session Thirty Three: Birth Injuries
  34. Session Thirty Four: Sub conjunctival Hemorrhage
  35. Session Thirty Five: Cephalohematoma
  36. Session Thirty Six: Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  37. Session Thirty Seven: Neonatal Pneumonia
  38. Session Thirty Eight: Impetigo
  39. Session Thirty Nine: Neonatal Septicemia
  40. Session Forty: Ophthalmia Neonatorum
  41. Session Forty One: Anaemia in Neonates
  42. Session Forty Two: Diarrhoea in Neonates
  43. Session Forty Three: Management of HIV Exposed Child
  44. Session Forty Four: WHO Clinical Staging of Paediatric HIV and AIDS
  45. Session Forty Five: Management of opportunistic infections in a child with
  46. Session Forty Six: Management of a child with HIV infection
  47. Session Forty Seven: Heart Failure And Celebral Palsy
  48. Session Forty Eight: Mental Retardation
  49. Session Forty Nine: Epilepsy
  50. Session Fifty: Intra-abdomina Masses
  51. Session Fifty One: Burkitt's Lymphoma
  52. Session Fifty Two: Diabetes Mellitus
  53. Session Fifty Three: Acute Glomerulonephritis
  54. Session Fifty Four: Acute Rheumatic Fever
  55. Session Fifty Five: Rheumatic Heart Disease
  56. Session Fifty Six: Anaemina in Children
  57. Session Fifty Seven: Heart Failure
  58. Session Fifty Eight: History Taking in Paediatrics

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